Nissan Navara NP300/D23 Mid Entry Stainless Snorkel and Alloy Airbox Kit

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IN STOCK, 1-2 weeks processing and handling* plus postage. 

4inch stainless snorkel and alloy airbox kit for the Nissan Navara NP300/D23 (2015 - 2022). 

Please Note: RX Navaras we will be unable to post due to having a different guard shape to the other models. We can only offer these fitted, in store, so select the fitted option at checkout.

Designed and fabricated by the team at Fabulous Fabrications. Each snorkel is hand crafted in house, made from the finest 316 stainless steel and purge welded to guarantee longevity and a superior quality finish. Each snorkel comes with a 3mm laser cut endcap. 

Each airbox is made from the finest 3mm aluminium, laser cut and folded for precision accuracy and fully tig welded to guarantee longevity and a superior quality finish. 

Each airbox comes powdercoated Dulux Mannex Black, with an Australian made Unifilter air filter designed specifically for our airbox's which are fully serviceable, 6mm nitrile gasket, alloy pressure plate and 8mm perspex lid with laser engraved Fabulous Fabrications logo, to ensure a long lasting seal and universal washer kit from Flexible Drive. They also feature a CNC machined, one piece billet aluminium weld in MAF housing designed to factory specifications to ensure there will be no issues with your vehicle throwing codes. 

We do not connect to the factory airbox on an np300 as the airbox itself does not provide an adequate seal on the factory air filter.

When driving in the rain, water hits the leading edge of the snorkel, and then the wind pushes the water up the snorkel. When it gets to the top, because the engine air speed is greater than speed in which you’re travelling the engine will suck the water back down the snorkel. We have seen stainless snorkels connected to the factory airbox wet the filter, which causes it to distort/disform, sucking in and no longer sealing as it should. It then dries in that position, in turn letting dust and dirt past the filter and can cause turbo and engine issues.

In a np300 we also have to remove the factory washer bottle, and turn the ecu 90 degrees to allow the piping for the snorkel to run through the inner guard, both of which bolt to the front and back of our supplied airbox

All required fixtures and fittings, and a comprehensive fitting guide are supplied to ensure trouble free installation of the airbox. 


Please note: our templates are hand drawn for accuracy and copied on paper or light card. The reason for this, is that we have found that paper/light card is easily manipulated and therefore has been the best option for us being able to accurately modify our templates to suit each vehicle.