Ford Ranger Next Gen Stainless Snorkel and Alloy Washer Bottle Kit

Fabulous Fabrications Aus
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4inch stainless snorkel and alloy washer bottle kit for the Next Gen Ford Ranger.

Suitable for both the 4cyl and V6 engines and connects to stock airbox. 

Designed and fabricated by the team at Fabulous Fabrications. Each snorkel is hand crafted in house, made from the finest 316 stainless steel and purge welded to guarantee longevity and a superior quality finish. Each snorkel comes with a 3mm laser cut endcap.

Each washer bottle is made from the finest 3mm aluminium, laser cut and folded for precision accuracy and fully tig welded to guarantee longevity and a superior quality finish.

Each washer bottle comes powdercoated Dulux Mannex Black and utilises factory mounting points, factory fluid pump and low level sensor and factory wiring loom. 

The factory airbox features CNC machined billet aluminium fittings to block the factory inlet and open the secondary inlet on the factory airbox. 

All required fixtures and fittings and a comprehensive fitting guide to ensure a trouble free installation. 

Please note: our templates are hand drawn for accuracy and copied on paper or light card. The reason for this, is that we have found that paper/light card is easily manipulated and therefore has been the best option for us being able to accurately modify our templates to suit each vehicle.